High performance and fuel flexibility combined

A cost-efficient and compact solution for power generation and cogeneration processes, this series of Guascor Energy gas engines represents a new design concept with advanced technology incorporated into the cylinder heads, valves, camshafts, and high efficiency turbochargers.

HM Engines

Electronically carbureted, the HM gas engine family has an output range that goes from 520 to 1350 kWb at 50 Hz and 60 Hz.

The series may be fueled by natural gas, sewage and landfill gas. This engine provides high performance, low life-cycle cost, fuel flexibility and exceptional fuel blending capability for natural gas and biogas as required.

A high performance Miller cycle design, HM series engines are turbocharged and feature single or double stage charge-air cooling. Different auxiliary cooling circuit temperatures are possible and an option for an oil cooler in the main circuit is also available.

With a dry exhaust manifold and reduced oil consumption, emissions control is also possible. The HM Series of engines are supplied as a stand-alone engine, genset or in a fully containerized unit and may also include integrated GCS-E engine and GCS-G genset control systems if required

Technical Data

SGE-H series gas engines and gen-sets biogas

Technical Data

SGE-H series gas engines and gen-sets natural gas