Fuel blending

Guascor Energy fuel blending allows the engine to run on two different fuels or a mixture of them. This system was initially developed to work with Biogas as the primary fuel and Natural Gas as the secondary.

The blending is done in the engine, not outside, saving problems and space to the end user. Guascor Energy supplies a compact and complete solution.

It is possible to change modes at full power, so there is no need to stop the engine. From a real 100% Biogas – 0% Natural Gas to a 100% Natural Gas – 0% Biogas and any fuel ratio in between.

With the easy start capability, the engine can be selected to run on Biogas but start with Natural Gas. It will automatically change to 100% Biogas once it reaches the rated speed, avoiding the typical starting problems associated with the use of biogas.

The system is not only able to work with Biogas and Natural Gas but can also be used to blend many other gases, like Propane with Natural Gas, or hydrogen with Natural gas or even Biogas.


Fuel flexibility

Guascor Energy Fuel Flexibility